Show off your very best pictures, bigger than ever. Print a single poster-sized picture or mix and match your favorite photos for an extra-large photo grid. Engineer Prints are printed on lightweight paper making them easy to hang with a pair of Skeleton Clips or a set of our Wood Poster Rails. 

Product Information:

  • $30.00 USD
  • Print measures 3 feet by 4 feet
  • Printed on extra-light 20 lb. paper
  • Your photo will be printed with a crisp, white 1/2” border (the image itself 35”x47”)
  • Pairs perfectly with our Wood Poster Rails or Skeleton Clips
    • Choose 36” rails for portrait orientation and 48” rails for landscape
  • Upload a photo to see all template design options - featuring up to 130 photos
  • Recommended Size: 5-10 MB per image from your phone or DSLR.  If you're able to check the resolution of your file, 300dpi files will print the best.
  • Engineer prints are shipped rolled
    • To flatten or remove the curled edges: roll the print the opposite way that it was packaged. You can try leaving it flat overnight with books on the corners as well. Gravity will flatten the rest once it’s hung up.
  • Sizes of images in templates once printed:
    • 130 grid - 3" squares
    • 30 grid - 6" squares
    • 9 grid - 10" squares
    • Triple stack - 20"x 13" rectangles

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